You watch your diet, exercise and take your supplements, but taking care of your joints doesn’t make the list—unfortunately they’re usually left out of most people’s health regimen. This is a big mistake, because without flexibility exercise becomes difficult, if not impossible; and once exercise or other physical activity is out of the picture your weight becomes harder to maintain and fun (or necessary) activities can become a thing of the past. But don’t despair, there are things you can do to help maintain your joint health and stay active for many years.

Inflammation: Leading Contributor to Joint Problems

Diet is a foundation cornerstone for just about every facet of your well-being, and joint health is no exception to this rule. One of the most important ways that diet can help flexibility has to do with controlling inflammation. Arthritis and other joint problems are caused almost exclusively by inflammation, fortunately though, choosing the right foods can have a positive impact on the amount of inflammatory response in your body. Here’s a list of foods that you should reduce or eliminate to help lower inflammation and thereby improve flexibility:

  • Milk products like milk, cheese, butter and foods that have milk in them like some cookies, crackers cakes, and cream sauces. Yogurt is acceptable in small amounts
  • Trans fats not only contribute to heart disease by increasing LDL and lowering HDL cholesterol, they also tend to promote inflammation. Check your labels carefully for trans-fat content. Anything fried will contain trans-fat plus partially hydrogenated oil, commercial baked goods, margarine and vegetable shortening all contain trans fats.
  • Many Cooking oils and polyunsaturated vegetable oils like grape seed, cottonseed, corn, safflower and sunflower oils can all contribute to inflammation. These omega-6 type oils should be reduced. Good anti-inflammatory oils with a better balance of omega-6 to omega-3 are: olive oil and macadamia oil. For high-heat cooking, coconut oil is best.
  • Refined Sugar should be eliminated from the diet to control inflammation. Sugar is found in many commercial products and in great amounts in soda. The best way to reduce sugar intake is to eliminate boxed and canned products, processed foods are notoriously high in refined sugar. When you get a sugar craving, reach for a piece of fresh fruit instead.
  • Red meats and processed meats such as beef, pork, lamb, sausage and bacon. Meats contain high levels of arachidonic acid which tends to produce a chronic inflammatory response in the body. Also, a compound in meat, Neu5Gc, reacts with antibodies in our blood system that triggers inflammation. You don’t have to eliminate meat to lower inflammation, just reduce consumption. Try anti-inflammatory salmon or other fatty fish instead of red meat.
  • Commercial food additives such as MSG and aspartame can also contribute to inflammation. Avoid or eliminate processed foods. One way to do this is to shop at the peripheral area of the grocery store where the fresh fruits and vegetables are found, avoid the inner aisles were all the boxes and cans are.
  • White flour products and other refined grains such as white rice can have a pro-inflammatory effect in the body. Instead, buy whole grains such as oatmeal, whole grain bread and brown rice.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption can also lead to run-away inflammation. You don’t have to give up your weekend beer drinking, just keep it within reason. If you’re averaging more than 3 drinks per day, you may be adding too much inflammation to your body.

Anti-inflammatory Food Choices

Here are some foods that can help improve joint health by lowering inflammation in the body:

  • Salmon contains more than its share of anti-inflammatory omega-3 oils and is high in vitamins B-12 and B-3 for energy plus selenium and vitamin D, these last two being very important cancer fighters. Selenium is required for the production of glutathione, the master antioxidant in the body that can also help control inflammation.
  • Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory spice that has been compared in clinical research to the powerful anti-inflammatory drugs Motrin and Hydrocortisone. The spice Ginger has similar anti-inflammatory action.
  • Green Tea has anti-inflammatory ability due to its high flavonoid content and has been linked to lower cancer and heart disease rates.
  • Blueberries phytonutrient content has shown strong anti-inflammatory protection and may also protect against cancer and heart disease.
  • Polyphenols in Extra Virgin Olive Oil protect the blood vessels and heart against inflammation which can reduce plaque buildup which leads to cardiovascular disease. Olive oil also contains monounsaturated fats that have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower contain sulforaphane, an anti-inflammatory compound shown to reduce the incidence of certain cancers.
  • Sweet Potato contains beta-carotene, vitamin B-6, manganese and vitamin C along with a good amount of natural fiber. All of these are potent anti-inflammatories that have healing powers in the body.
  • Nuts and Seeds contain natural oils that can help lower inflammation.
  • Eat your fruit and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables have phytonutrients like polyphenols and important vitamins and minerals that have powerful anti-inflammation properties.

Other Compounds that can have a Powerful Effect on Joint Health

Many suffering from joint distress end up turning to over-the-counter or prescription drugs to get relief, but this can cause even greater problems because these products merely mask the pain while the damage continues. Fortunately there is an alternative to drugs. FlexMax is a powerful natural solution for those with joint problems that does not require a doctor’s prescription and doesn’t merely cover up the pain. The ingredients in this formulation are clinically validated to help improve mobility by providing your body with what it needs to rejuvenate connective tissue and enhance flexibility.

FlexMax contains glucosamine, a natural compound produced by the body that’s required to rejuvenate damaged joints. Although it is essential for joint maintenance, the body sometimes does not produce enough to keep up with demand, especially under certain conditions like heavy exercise regimens and other strenuous activity. When there’s not enough available glucosamine, soreness and inflammation occur. FlexMax also contains chondroitin, needed to build cartilage; cartilage in turn provides cushioning that’s needed to keep joints from deteriorating. Another ingredient in FlexMax is MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), a sulfur compound that’s been shown in clinical trial to help relieve inflammation and manage pain for arthritis sufferers. These three compounds are the most researched of all the natural, non-prescription joint health compounds and have had quite remarkable positive outcomes in clinical trials. FlexMax contains optimal, potent amounts of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM in their purest forms to give you one of the most effective formulations available to optimize joint health and provide maximum flexibility. FlexMax’s formulation:

  • Contains Clinically Validated Natural Ingredients
  • Offers Safe and Effective Joint Relief
  • Assists Joint Healing
  • Helps Repair Damaged Connective Tissue
  • Provides Cushioning Material for Joints

Adding FlexMax to your regimen, lowering intake of inflammatory foods while increasing intake of anti-inflammatory foods is your best bet for maintaining joint health and getting the most out of life’s important activities.

It’s Not Just Your Joints at Risk

Following an anti-inflammatory diet can help your health in other ways as well. Inflammation has been linked to heart disease, cancer, diabetes and many other ailments. Use the above suggestions and take the time to sit down and evaluate your nutrient intake, it will do a world of good for your joints and your overall health. Interestingly, glucosamine and chondroitin have also been shown to help lower inflammation in the body, so make sure to add FlexMax to your anti-inflammatory regimen.


In the ever growing quest to lose weight and look good, many weight loss gurus suggest stripped down, calorie restriction diets that cut out some very important nutrients. And then of course there is the alternative route: high stimulant diet pills that give quick weight loss results but strip down muscle tone as well. These methods have one thing in common: they don’t offer a permanent weight reduction solution. It’s a fact—most dieters end up gaining back the fat they lost within 6 months after starting their diet plans. But there is a better way, it takes a little work and planning but the results are as permanent as you want them to be.

Why You Can’t Lose Weight

Once you understand the reason for weight gain, the solution becomes easy to understand. Here’s a little background on how the body stores fat and how you can slow this process in order to lose weight more easily.

The biggest obstacle to losing weight is not necessarily the amount of food you eat, but the type. When you ingest sugary or starchy foods, your body immediately releases insulin in order to “use up” the excess blood sugar. The amount of insulin released depends on the amount of sugar and starch intake. Insulin helps move the sugar into muscle cells so that it can be used as energy. Once all the muscle is saturated with available sugar/insulin, the rest of the insulin converts the excess blood sugar from that sugary or starchy meal into fat.

Sugar intake is the main reason for the obesity epidemic America is now experiencing. Sugar consumption has been steadily rising for the last few decades. In 1978, sugar intake comprised 10% of total calorie consumption; it is now 16% of total calories consumed. When you compare obesity rates for those years, only 15% were obese in 1978, the obesity rate today is over 32% for adults.

How to Get Started on a Successful Weight Loss Plan

One way to stop this fat storage is to simply lower your intake of starch and sugar. Easier said than done of course, but taking this first step can do wonders for your weight loss efforts. You don’t have to jump on the no-carb bandwagon in order to see results, just get your starch intake down to one or two servings of healthy starch per day: a couple pieces of whole wheat bread, a small serving (6 oz. or so) of oatmeal or a sweet potato. The only other sugar intake should be fruit, but avoid the sweet fruits like melon and ripe bananas. Here are a few tips to get you started on a lower sugar/starch diet:

  • Remove sugary and starchy snacks from cupboards and the refrigerator.
  • Do not use artificial sweeteners or drink diet soda, these will also cause insulin to be released.
  • Ease in to this new eating pattern with one no-starch meal per day, after a couple days try two meals per day. A few days later take out all but one or two servings of healthy starch per day.
  • Some tips to stop sweet cravings are: eat some berries or an apple instead; take a walk or get involved in a physical activity to get your mind off sweets; chew gum, this has been shown to reduce food cravings; eat healthy between meal snacks during the day to keep blood sugar normal.

The Healthy Weight Loss Alternative

Here are some suggested healthy meals to maintain a lower sugar/starch intake and reduce excess fat storage:

Breakfast (choose one):

  • Egg white omelet with chopped vegetables and a slice of whole wheat toast with butter, coffee or tea (no milk or cream)
  • Plain yogurt with mixed berries added in and a slice of whole wheat toast with butter.
  • Oatmeal with chopped walnuts and half a sliced banana or berries, tea or coffee (no milk or cream)

Lunch (choose one):

  • Turkey or chicken breast slices, steamed vegetables with a pat of butter (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower), 4 to 6 oz. cooked lentils
  • Goat or feta cheese with mixed greens and oil/vinegar salad dressing, slice of whole grain toast with butter.
  • Chicken and vegetable soup (no noodles), baked vegetable chips (usually found in the health section of the grocery store).

Dinner (choose one):

  • Sautéed Salmon, steamed beets or asparagus spears, baked sweet potato with pat of butter.
  • Lean cut of beef, turkey or chicken—or—cubed and browned tofu with soy sauce, along with large green leafy salad and healthy salad dressing. Add your choice of small healthy starch.
  • Your choice of lean meat with steamed mixed vegetables with pat of butter and slice of whole grain bread.

When starting your weight loss plan, limit your intake of starch to 1 ½ to 2 servings per day, depending on how much weight you need to lose (two slices of whole grain bread, sweet potato, 6 oz. of oatmeal are each considered a serving). After you reach your weight loss goal you can add another starch serving. These are suggested meal plans to give you an idea of how to put together a healthy, weight control diet program.

Snacks: Mixed berries or apple with low fat cottage cheese or 1 oz. of sliced cheese; nuts and seeds with kiwi, apple or berries; slice of whole grain toast with almond butter or other nut butter.

Exercise: The Missing Link

Another reason why most diet plans do not work is that merely reducing calorie intake or stopping fat storage is only part of the weight loss equation. The other part is burning fat, and this is accomplished by increasing physical activity, or exercise. The most successful exercises, the ones that people stick to long term, are those that are the most enjoyable, so look for something that you like: biking, walking, running, racket ball, tennis, skiing, weight lifting—just make sure it’s an activity that you can engage in at least 5 times per week. If you’re over weight, over forty, have any health problems or have been inactive for a long period, then check with your doctor before engaging in an exercise program.

Do Diet Supplements Work?

The answer to this is yes….and no. Most diet supplements on the market today use a large amount of stimulants to “burn off” fat. The problem with this methodology is that stimulants burn off more than fat, they also break down muscle tissue and leave the user with very little muscle definition.

There is a weight loss formula, Metamax, which offers a more effective approach, helping your body to lose excess fat while retaining muscle tone by giving you the balanced nutrients you need to utilize excess sugar and help increase fat burning efficiency, without high levels of stimulants. This highly comprehensive product contains scientifically validated natural botanicals in a formula designed to help boost your metabolism without sending you through the roof. Included in the list are Guarna and Green tea extracts, Garcinia cambogia, Kola nut and Citrus aurantium as well as important weight loss support ingredients like chromium, zinc, vanadium and vitamin B6—nearly 40 ingredients in all.

Add Metamax to the above healthy diet program to help give your weight loss efforts an extra edge while maintaining the proper muscle tone. The ingredients in Metamax will also help energy levels to support your exercise regimen and give you a lift when you reach the diet plateau, that period after a month or two when energy levels tend to slide off.

The ingredients in Metamax help to:

  • Burn Fat While Maintaining Muscle Definition
  • Assist Blood Sugar Utilization
  • Reduce Fat Storage in the Body
  • Enhance Metabolism and Assist Weight Loss
  • Support Energy Levels

Metamax is the perfect complement to any healthy weight loss and exercise program. Add it to your regimen today and get started on the ultimate body transformation journey.

It’s all in the Program

Getting the weight loss results you want is not about will power, it has to do with following the above program. After you start to see results from the above suggestions, you’ll want to continue. It’s really a self-generating regimen: positive results will encourage greater effort until you’ve reached your goal. After that, maintain the program. So get started, be courageous and have fun.


It’s not a problem that most men want to face; ED (erectile dysfunction) is a very frustrating and downright depressing ailment. But before you put your head in the sand, know this—there are things you can do to get your sexual confidence back. It takes a little work, but then again being a hero has never been easy.

Eat Right

Eating the right foods can help your sexual function in several ways. The first is weight, being overweight interferes with available energy needed to support sexual stamina. This extra weight can also lead to high blood pressure which tends to reduce blood flow to the penis, which in turn interferes with erection quality. Bottom-line here—watch the extra calories, sweets and excessively fatty foods.

We’re already painfully aware of the dangers of high cholesterol and its effect on the heart and blood circulation, but interestingly, it’s the penile blood circulation that’s one of the first areas affected. You may be getting the idea here that what’s good for the heart and circulation is also good for your sexuality—and you’d be right on the money. Consider adding these heart-healthy foods to help boost your sex life: red wine (in moderation), green tea, nuts and seeds (for their healthy fats), olive oil dressings, fatty fish (like Salmon), berries, dark chocolate, oatmeal and whole grains.

Get Plenty of Rest

If you’re not getting restful sleep, you’re going to experience more negative effects than just being tired. Lack of sleep has been associated with heart disease, cancer, early death and many serious health problems, including—you guessed it—sexual dysfunction.

Some tricks to getting better sleep are: don’t eat anything at least 4 hours before going to bed; cut back or stop intake of caffeine products; limit sugar intake during the day; don’t eat fatty foods for dinner. Try this relaxation technique before going to sleep: Lie down and focus on relaxing each part of the body for a few minutes and then focus on breathing steadily for a few minutes, block out all thoughts except for air entering and exiting your nose—more details on this technique later.

Another solution that many have found to be helpful is to take a natural sleep aid. Most of these products do not require a prescription, are not habit forming and do not have any severe side effects. One such sleep aid formula, Somnural, , contains a highly comprehensive blend of herbal ingredients, many of which have been clinically shown to help relaxation and promote restful sleep. Somnural contains a botanical blend of Valerian root, Hops, Skullcap, Chamomile and Passion flower, natural traditional sleep aids that have been used successfully to treat insomnia for many years (hundreds of years for some of them), other ingredients such as melatonin, calcium and GABA work along with the traditional herbs to create one of the most powerful non-prescription sleep aids available. Use Somnural along with the above tricks to getting better sleep to experience the most restful slumber you’ve had in years.

Exercise for Better Sex

As stated earlier, a healthy circulatory system and lower blood pressure can help erection quality and duration. Weight lifting and other resistance exercise can help improve circulation and blood pressure, but cardio has been shown to be the best bet for a healthy heart and circulatory system. If you have not exercised in the past, or are over-weight or have any health condition, you need to speak to your doctor before beginning an exercise program. If you’re a beginner, start out slow and build up your strength over a period of months.
You don’t have to begin with running, walking is very good exercise and can help improve circulation very effectively. Map out a distance of a mile or two, depending on your condition, and cover the distance at least 5 or 6 times per week. Don’t stop, try to walk briskly but don’t over-do it. If you feel you’ve done too much, cut back your distance. Eventually you can increase distance as you feel stronger. Don’t jog or run until you’re ready. When (and if) you’re ready to jog, intersperse jogging with walking for the first month or so.

Control Stress Levels

Along with lack of sleep and poor diet, stress is another thing that can lead to serious health problems such as weight gain, heart problems and many other ailments. One way to help control stress is to take 15 minutes a couple times per day to practice a relaxation technique such as the one mentioned above. Find a quiet place to lie down, or at the very least sit back in a more or less reclined position. Close your eyes and then tighten and release each part of your body from your feet to your brow until you truly feel what relaxation is. The idea of tightening muscles individually is to be able to experience and focus on the relaxed state of the muscles when you release them. Once you’re physically relaxed, focus on your breathing. Concentrate on the air coming into your nose at the bridge, and the warmth of the air going out. Focus on the air, all other thoughts should be flowing away—don’t hold on to anything. Relaxing like this successfully 10 to 15 minutes is equivalent to an hour nap.
Another way to control stress has to do with how you deal with stressful situations. Here are a couple adages to remember during times of anxiety and confrontation: bad times are only temporary, and happiness can be gained again. Also, failures are temporary and necessary to put us on the right path. The idea is to remember that, even though they don’t seem that way at the moment, most daily problems are only temporary, so try to look forward to the good that comes later.

Use a Natural Male Enhancement Formula

Male Enhancement Products can have a profound effect on your sexual function, but it’s important to choose one that is not only comprehensive, but powerful. One of the most potent and complete products available today is malemaxbrands. The ingredients in malemaxbrands cover a wide range of traditional and clinically validated herbs and compounds formulated to provide the most effective sexual boost you can experience. This all natural formulation contains potent amounts of sex boosting botanicals Tongkat Ali, Muira Puama, Tribulus terrestris plus many other support ingredients such as arginine to help enhance blood flow to the penis, ginseng for improved sex drive and zinc for testosterone support. In all, 19 different ingredients in potent amounts help enhance sexual stamina and erection quality, unleashing the power to be the bedroom hero you need to be.

There you have it, a template for optimizing your manhood: eat right, get your sleep, exercise, manage your stress levels and take an effective male enhancement formula like malemaxbrands. Following the above suggestions will improve your sexual function in phases; the longer and more intensely you work at these, the better results you’ll see. And one final tip: Taking a natural sexual enhancement formulation like malemaxbrands will help give your sex life a quick start, so be sure to take advantage of the offer below as your first step.