4 Sex Tips Every Woman Wishes You Knew


Everyone wants to be good in bed — but not many guys take an active approach to making this happen. The good news is that becoming a better lover is easier than you might think. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for your next roll in the hay.

  • Understand that she’s unique. Just because your ex liked or disliked something doesn’t mean that she feels the same way. This is just one reason why communication is key to good sex. Of course, if you really want this tip to work, you need to treat her like she’s unique, as well. From giving compliments to truly paying attention to what she likes, there are many ways to do this — and they all lead to a better experience for both of you.
  • Take it slow. Assuming that your partner is always going to get into the mood at the same speed you do is one of the most common sex mistakes in the book. Besides, foreplay is about more than just a good start — it is key to a good finish, as well, as it tends to lead to better orgasms for both partners. Dedicate a little bit more time to foreplay and you will both be able to tell the difference.
  • Focus on her. This might sound obvious — but surveys have shown that a surprisingly high number of both men and women report not focusing on their partner’s pleasure! The best sex is reciprocal, though, and you can help make sure that it goes this way.
  • Hit the gym. Physical fitness helps improve male sexual performance and stamina. Moreover, looking good and feeling confident are pretty important, too. A good diet and a healthy lifestyle will also help in these regards — and even though this isn’t the sexiest tip out there, it’s an effective one.

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Self-Confidence is as Easy as it is Sexy!


It’s not exactly breaking news — but ask almost any girl out there, and she will tell you that self-confidence is one of the most attractive qualities that any man can possess. (And a lot of us guys feel the same way about women, for that matter!) What you might not know, however, is that confidence is not some inherited trait that you are either born with or will never have. Quite the contrary — confidence is a talent that must be practiced, improved upon, cultivated, and given the right conditions in which to thrive.

Here are a few tips that will help you do exactly that.

Dress for Success. You might associate this phrase with business suits and ties — but the truth is that there are no right answers when it comes to the clothes you wear. The best option is always going to vary based upon the situation, after all. But making a deliberate choice, and opting for an outfit that you yourself like, is an important first step toward feeling confident.

See Eye-to-Eye. Studies have shown that men make less eye-contact than women when communicating — and this can be an unfortunate tendency, as eye contact is often considered to be a sign of confidence and connection.

Be Boldly Sincere. Hoping for a goodnight kiss? Make a romantic gesture instead of waiting for her to initiate. Want to get invited up to her apartment? Just tell her so instead of making excuses. Though the prospect of rejection can be scary, knowing that you never tried is much worse — and making an insincere and half-hearted attempt is probably the saddest option of all.

Make Your Confidence Universal. Acting confident when you are around a potential love interest only to act timid and insecure at all other times is not a good strategy for love or for life. ‘practice’ confidence at all times and it will come more naturally. As the old saying goes, just fake it till you make it!

Strive for Self-Improvement. Give yourself something you can truly be confident about! Learn a new skill, hit the gym, read a book, or start meditating. When you improve yourself, feeling confident comes natural.

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3 Potentially Dangerous Workouts (And Safer Alternatives)


Working out is something that we usually associate with good health. And to be certain, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can reduce your risk for most types of injury. However, there are certain workouts that can potentially injure you — especially if you happen to have a risk factor such as joint problems, advanced age, or a previous injury. Below, we will take a quick look at 3 exercises that can be dangerous for certain people, and cover safer alternative ways to work out the same muscle groups.

  • Behind-the-Head Weight Training. Rear pull downs and behind-the-head military press are two common variations on important and effective workouts. However, extending your arms backwards while holding substantial amounts of weight puts undue pressure and tension on your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. (This clearly isn’t a very natural position, after all.) Both of these behind-the-head lifting techniques are designed to benefit the shoulders and the triceps: triangle push ups and wide-grip front pull downs are two safer means of achieving the same end.
  • Running. Normally, using good form, warming up properly, and wearing supportive running shoes can help minimize the risks associated with this sport. However, for people with hip, knee, or joint problems, this all-natural exercise can be surprisingly risky. If running is too high-risk for you, then low-impact cardio exercises such as swimming, biking, or rowing may be right for you.
  • Upright Row. The motion that your arms make while performing an upright row is known as internal rotation. And even though this movement does not cause injury under normal circumstances, it can wear down the tendons when extra resistance (i.e. heavy weights) is involved. Fortunately, this exercise is aimed at working the shoulders — which are one of the easiest muscle groups to exercise. From front barbell raises to machine shoulder presses to lateral dumbbell lifts, safe options abound!

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How to Improve Your Running Times


Whether you run competitively or not, recording your running times can be very enjoyable. It is a great way of tracking your progress and staying motivated — and there is something undeniably exhilarating about flying through your last lap in hopes of topping your all time best speed.

Another thing that makes tracking your time so fulfilling is the fact that, in the first months of running consistently, your speed is likely to improve dramatically. This is a great way of seeing exactly how much good you are doing for your body with regular exercise! After a while, however, most runners hit a plateau. Though speeds can still be improved, progress becomes markedly slower and more laborious.

At this point, it is important to look beyond your standard routine in order to find ways to keep improving. In this article, we will cover five of the best methods you can use to shave seconds or even minutes off of your long distance running times.

  1. Hill training. Running at an incline can be extremely challenging — which is precisely why it is such a good way of building muscle and strengthening your cardiovascular system.
  1. Varying intensity. Three days a week of extremely vigorous running and three days of light, easy running provides more benefits than six days of moderate-intensity running.
  1. Adding distance. Going some extra distance when you train is a great way of improving your stamina. Your next 5K race will be a cakewalk if you have already completed a few 10Ks during training.
  1. Sprints. Like hill training, sprints provide an extra challenge to your muscles and cardiovascular system, helping to prepare you in a uniquely invigorating way.
  1. Cross training. Low-impact physical activity and core-strengthening exercises are two highly effective ways of becoming faster and healthier.

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6 Daily Habits That Will Make You Healthier and Happier


First of all, let’s get one important disclaimer out of the way: We’ve all seen spammy ads for articles with titles such as The 10 Habits of Ridiculously Healthy Athletes, or The 3 Things that Healthy People do Everyday. The problem with these articles (apart from the fact that they are only written to generate clicks) is that they promote the idea that there are shortcuts to good health. And this simply isn’t the case. Good health is not always easy or simple — it is the result of consistently smart choices in regards to your lifestyle, your diet, etc.

With all that said, it is worthwhile to point out that good habits can make a real difference in your overall health. Though the all-powerful health panaceas promised by spammy articles don’t exist, certain daily choices can improve your health and your long-term outcomes. Keep reading to learn more!

  1. Devoting 30 minutes of vigorous activity. Increasing your heart rate for at least 30 minutes a day offers a number of cognitive and cardiovascular benefits such as increased mental clarity and decreased risk for high blood pressure and strokes.
  2. Spending time with Mother Nature. Time spent in the great outdoors can help boost your mood and your energy levels while allowing you to soak in important vitamins such as vitamin C. 
  3. Staying hydrated. As easy as this sounds, it is important to be conscious about how much water you drink!
  4. Getting enough sleep. Poor sleeping habits are associated with a number of negative health conditions, including hypertension, depression, and even higher risk for accidents.
  5. Stretching. Staying loose and limber reduces your risk of muscle/tendon injuries while also decreasing physical and emotional stress.
  6. Getting proper nutrition. Between your diet and any supplements you take, it’s important to get healthy levels of all necessary vitamins and minerals. Visit MaleMax online today for more information.