6 Creative Date Ideas

So-called “classic” date ideas, as special as they may sound in theory, can oftentimes end up being quite cliched and uninspired in practice. Getting creative about your night out can be one of the best ways to truly impress a date, showing her that you are a fun, thoughtful, and unique person. Here are 6 creative ideas that we have come up with — though we certainly encourage you to keep on creating, and to invent a variation that is really special to you and/or your date!


  1. Create a themed culinary experience. From homemade Sushi and specially selected saki eaten under a traditional bonbori light, to a classic Italian dinner complete with wine and candles, serving a themed meal in the comfort of your own home is a surefire way of showing off your attention to detail, your sense of humor, and your cooking skills all at the same time!


  1. Fly kites in the park. Picnics are a fun yet mundane date idea — kite flying is a seemingly small detail that can make the whole experience much more memorable and unique.


  1. Lend a hand, hand in hand. Though this might not be the best date idea for every potential couple out there, inviting a girl to come and volunteer with you for a cause you are truly passionate about could be a unique and interesting way of forming a deeper connection.


  1. Embark on a biking adventure. From a quick downtown tour to a Saturday spent at the nearest state park, biking is a great option for nature lovers, fitness fanatics, and cyclists of all stripes.


  1. Try some off-season tourism. Visiting the zoo in the winter, a ski town in the summer, or any other off-season tourist destination is a wonderful way of seeing a unique site while enjoying a bit of romantic solitude.


  1. Witness a meteor shower. A quick Google search should reveal a complete list of meteor showers in your area. If there is one coming up, consider inviting your date to witness this magical experience with you!

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Giving and Receiving Compliments Gracefully

Whether we admit it or not, everyone likes a little bit of flattery every now and then. A slightly nobler aspect of human psychology that tends to go unnoticed, though, is the fact that giving compliments can actually be more enjoyable than giving them. At any rate, both of these seemingly simple skills can be disarmingly difficult to master.

If you do learn to give and receive compliments gracefully, however, you can better your career, deepen your friendships, and maybe even improve your love life. Want to learn more? Here are a few tips for giving and receiving compliments like a pro:

Good Compliments Are…

  • False praise and backhanded compliments are nothing more than petty ways of making yourself look bad. Believe it or not, being sincere is the easiest way of sounding sincere.
  • Specific and Unique. “You’ve been a welcoming, insightful, and sometimes hilarious mentor,” is far more special and memorable than “hey, you’re a cool guy.” Likewise “your eyes are beautiful” is a better pickup line than “yo babe, you’re hot!”
  • If you wait for the perfect moment, then the perfect moment will pass you by! Giving a compliment can be intimidating, but you should keep in mind that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!

Secrets to taking compliments tastefully include…

  • Not being overly modest. Rebutting a compliment might seem humble, but it can also make the person complimenting you feel rejected. Similarly, crossing your arms, looking down, or using other abashed body language can be easily misinterpreted.
  • Avoiding compliment wars. That is to say, be careful about returning a compliment for a compliment, as this can quickly turn awkward.
  • Being gracious and accepting. Rather than boasting further or shutting down the compliment entirely, simply express your gratitude at the recognition received.

4 Common Tinder Mistakes To Watch Out For


Tinder has made the dating world more exciting and dynamic than ever before. But if you want to get the most out of this app, then be careful to avoid the following four mistakes that so many guys make without even realizing it!


  1. “Flexing”

No, we’re not talking about literal muscle flexing. (Even though this would probably be a turnoff, as well!) On Tinder, the term flexing is used to describe any over-the-top, obviously try-hard element of a profile. Irrelevant pictures of your “cool” apartment and/or bragging about your salary are good examples of this. There’s nothing wrong with showing off your hobbies or passions in an organic way, of course — but desperate bragging tends to be pretty easily identifiable.


  1. Diverting Attention

Making girls try to guess which guy in your group photo is you…is only going to make you look insecure. The same goes for incorporating pets into your photo in an insincere way. Making these mistakes will only encourage potential dates to keep looking for someone with enough confidence to show their face!


  1. Using Ultimatums in your Bio

“Swipe left if you only want to talk about celebrities,” or “not looking for a typical girl” are also good ways of inspiring just about everyone to swipe left in search of a less judgemental date.


  1. Being too Timid. Apps such as Tinder are supposedly the perfect tool for overly-shy people — which is precisely why they tend to attract guys who commit this frequent mistake! A lack of confidence can prevent you from turning matches into real-life dates, even if your online persona gives you the confidence you need to swipe right. If you are getting along well with someone, just man up and ask them to meet up IRL. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

How Fitness Can Improve Your Love Life

There are many benefits to getting into shape — from feeling better to living longer, to (in some cases) paying less for health insurance. But even if none of these reasons convinces you, perhaps the motivation mentioned in the title of this article will. Fitness can improve your love life in more ways than one. Here are just a few examples:

  • Swimming > Swing. Dating apps — most famously Tinder — have made meeting potential partners easier than ever before. But finding someone you can truly connect with? That’s a challenge even the smartest algorithms in the world have trouble solving. Fortunately, real life connections tend to be a bit more effective! If you love swimming, for example, then girl you meet at a local swimming meetup is more likely to be compatible than a girl you meet on a dating app. The same goes for biking, hiking, boxing, or whatever your passion may be.
  • Look Amazing. Let’s face it: the way you look depends largely on the extent to which you take care of your body. And this is good news for anyone who works out on a regular basis.
  • Feel Confident. Perhaps even more important than your looks is the way you perceive your looks. It is no secret that confidence is sexy — the problem usually lies in finding a reason to be confident. People who stay fit, however, should have no trouble with this!
  • Great Dates. Dinner and a movie is so last millennium! Chose a unique and memorable date based on your interests and you are sure to stand out above the rest. Inviting her to go hiking, skating, or to a healthy cooking class can be much more interesting than an old-fashioned trip to the cinema, for example.

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4 Reasons why the Friendzone is a Stupid Concept

The friend zone is one of the biggest misconceptions in the dating world, and it’s holding you back. Here’s why:

  • You might not be in the friendzone at all… Many of the guys who describe themselves as being in the friendzone tend to be of the shy, “good guy” variety. But if this is your case, your shy and introverted nature may be causing you to miss signs that she actually wants to take the relationship to the next level! Stereotyping your relationship with her as a “friendzone” case is only going to further enhance this effect, so don’t do it!
  • And if you are in the friendzone, you are better off moving on. If you have been clear about your desire to take the friendship to the next level — and your potential love interest has rejected you — there is no point in lingering around hoping things will change. Put yourself in her shoes! No matter how well you get along with a girl who you are not attracted to/are not compatible with, you aren’t going to be interested in dating her.
  • The friendzone can ruin real friendships… Trying to force a romantic relationship when there is no mutual interest is a sure way to make things awkward — and if you really value your friendship with this girl, this is the last thing you want. Moving on can be hard, but in the end it’s best for both of you.
  • And the friendzone can cause you to miss out on other romantic opportunities, as well. Focusing your attention on a relationship that is going nowhere is a good way of missing out on other opportunities. There are lots of fish in the sea, as the old saying goes!

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