4 Common Tinder Mistakes To Watch Out For


Tinder has made the dating world more exciting and dynamic than ever before. But if you want to get the most out of this app, then be careful to avoid the following four mistakes that so many guys make without even realizing it!


  1. “Flexing”

No, we’re not talking about literal muscle flexing. (Even though this would probably be a turnoff, as well!) On Tinder, the term flexing is used to describe any over-the-top, obviously try-hard element of a profile. Irrelevant pictures of your “cool” apartment and/or bragging about your salary are good examples of this. There’s nothing wrong with showing off your hobbies or passions in an organic way, of course — but desperate bragging tends to be pretty easily identifiable.


  1. Diverting Attention

Making girls try to guess which guy in your group photo is you…is only going to make you look insecure. The same goes for incorporating pets into your photo in an insincere way. Making these mistakes will only encourage potential dates to keep looking for someone with enough confidence to show their face!


  1. Using Ultimatums in your Bio

“Swipe left if you only want to talk about celebrities,” or “not looking for a typical girl” are also good ways of inspiring just about everyone to swipe left in search of a less judgemental date.


  1. Being too Timid. Apps such as Tinder are supposedly the perfect tool for overly-shy people — which is precisely why they tend to attract guys who commit this frequent mistake! A lack of confidence can prevent you from turning matches into real-life dates, even if your online persona gives you the confidence you need to swipe right. If you are getting along well with someone, just man up and ask them to meet up IRL. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

by MaleMax