4 Reasons why the Friendzone is a Stupid Concept

The friend zone is one of the biggest misconceptions in the dating world, and it’s holding you back. Here’s why:

  • You might not be in the friendzone at all… Many of the guys who describe themselves as being in the friendzone tend to be of the shy, “good guy” variety. But if this is your case, your shy and introverted nature may be causing you to miss signs that she actually wants to take the relationship to the next level! Stereotyping your relationship with her as a “friendzone” case is only going to further enhance this effect, so don’t do it!
  • And if you are in the friendzone, you are better off moving on. If you have been clear about your desire to take the friendship to the next level — and your potential love interest has rejected you — there is no point in lingering around hoping things will change. Put yourself in her shoes! No matter how well you get along with a girl who you are not attracted to/are not compatible with, you aren’t going to be interested in dating her.
  • The friendzone can ruin real friendships… Trying to force a romantic relationship when there is no mutual interest is a sure way to make things awkward — and if you really value your friendship with this girl, this is the last thing you want. Moving on can be hard, but in the end it’s best for both of you.
  • And the friendzone can cause you to miss out on other romantic opportunities, as well. Focusing your attention on a relationship that is going nowhere is a good way of missing out on other opportunities. There are lots of fish in the sea, as the old saying goes!

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by MaleMax