6 Creative Date Ideas

So-called “classic” date ideas, as special as they may sound in theory, can oftentimes end up being quite cliched and uninspired in practice. Getting creative about your night out can be one of the best ways to truly impress a date, showing her that you are a fun, thoughtful, and unique person. Here are 6 creative ideas that we have come up with — though we certainly encourage you to keep on creating, and to invent a variation that is really special to you and/or your date!


  1. Create a themed culinary experience. From homemade Sushi and specially selected saki eaten under a traditional bonbori light, to a classic Italian dinner complete with wine and candles, serving a themed meal in the comfort of your own home is a surefire way of showing off your attention to detail, your sense of humor, and your cooking skills all at the same time!


  1. Fly kites in the park. Picnics are a fun yet mundane date idea — kite flying is a seemingly small detail that can make the whole experience much more memorable and unique.


  1. Lend a hand, hand in hand. Though this might not be the best date idea for every potential couple out there, inviting a girl to come and volunteer with you for a cause you are truly passionate about could be a unique and interesting way of forming a deeper connection.


  1. Embark on a biking adventure. From a quick downtown tour to a Saturday spent at the nearest state park, biking is a great option for nature lovers, fitness fanatics, and cyclists of all stripes.


  1. Try some off-season tourism. Visiting the zoo in the winter, a ski town in the summer, or any other off-season tourist destination is a wonderful way of seeing a unique site while enjoying a bit of romantic solitude.


  1. Witness a meteor shower. A quick Google search should reveal a complete list of meteor showers in your area. If there is one coming up, consider inviting your date to witness this magical experience with you!

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by MaleMax