How Fitness Can Improve Your Love Life

There are many benefits to getting into shape — from feeling better to living longer, to (in some cases) paying less for health insurance. But even if none of these reasons convinces you, perhaps the motivation mentioned in the title of this article will. Fitness can improve your love life in more ways than one. Here are just a few examples:

  • Swimming > Swing. Dating apps — most famously Tinder — have made meeting potential partners easier than ever before. But finding someone you can truly connect with? That’s a challenge even the smartest algorithms in the world have trouble solving. Fortunately, real life connections tend to be a bit more effective! If you love swimming, for example, then girl you meet at a local swimming meetup is more likely to be compatible than a girl you meet on a dating app. The same goes for biking, hiking, boxing, or whatever your passion may be.
  • Look Amazing. Let’s face it: the way you look depends largely on the extent to which you take care of your body. And this is good news for anyone who works out on a regular basis.
  • Feel Confident. Perhaps even more important than your looks is the way you perceive your looks. It is no secret that confidence is sexy — the problem usually lies in finding a reason to be confident. People who stay fit, however, should have no trouble with this!
  • Great Dates. Dinner and a movie is so last millennium! Chose a unique and memorable date based on your interests and you are sure to stand out above the rest. Inviting her to go hiking, skating, or to a healthy cooking class can be much more interesting than an old-fashioned trip to the cinema, for example.

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by MaleMax