Giving and Receiving Compliments Gracefully

Whether we admit it or not, everyone likes a little bit of flattery every now and then. A slightly nobler aspect of human psychology that tends to go unnoticed, though, is the fact that giving compliments can actually be more enjoyable than giving them. At any rate, both of these seemingly simple skills can be disarmingly difficult to master.

If you do learn to give and receive compliments gracefully, however, you can better your career, deepen your friendships, and maybe even improve your love life. Want to learn more? Here are a few tips for giving and receiving compliments like a pro:

Good Compliments Are…

  • False praise and backhanded compliments are nothing more than petty ways of making yourself look bad. Believe it or not, being sincere is the easiest way of sounding sincere.
  • Specific and Unique. “You’ve been a welcoming, insightful, and sometimes hilarious mentor,” is far more special and memorable than “hey, you’re a cool guy.” Likewise “your eyes are beautiful” is a better pickup line than “yo babe, you’re hot!”
  • If you wait for the perfect moment, then the perfect moment will pass you by! Giving a compliment can be intimidating, but you should keep in mind that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!

Secrets to taking compliments tastefully include…

  • Not being overly modest. Rebutting a compliment might seem humble, but it can also make the person complimenting you feel rejected. Similarly, crossing your arms, looking down, or using other abashed body language can be easily misinterpreted.
  • Avoiding compliment wars. That is to say, be careful about returning a compliment for a compliment, as this can quickly turn awkward.
  • Being gracious and accepting. Rather than boasting further or shutting down the compliment entirely, simply express your gratitude at the recognition received.

by MaleMax